Monday, August 27, 2012

Mystery Fragrance Final Review

If you have not read my previous blog post about testing Pure Fragrance Oil you might want to read it first before you continue on this one: The Fun of Testing Mystery Fragrance
Again, the objective is to use the exact same formula, same sodium hydroxide concentration, same FO usage and compare the end result.  And here are the group shots of all with the control bar which is unscented and uncolored.

#8: Smells like fruit cake in the holiday season
#5: Sugared plum? very sweet with cough syrup undertone
#4: Cinnamon
#9: Heavy grape or berry scent, a bit like cough syrup
#14: Scent is amazing, fruity but fresh and tart 

#3: Smells like rum cake or eggnog
#12: A little fruity, a little floral, but fresh like snow, very winter type floral
#2: Nice apple cider type scent
#7: Cinnamon pumpkin type scent
#10: Very strong peppermint scent, like candy cane but less sweet
#6: I didn't like it first, but when added to soap, the powdery musk/sandalwood comes out and it actually smells light but soothing
#13: Clove, lots of clove, patchouli, and other spice
#15: Juicy with citrus & sugarcane & green leaves.  lot of that complexity lost in soap
#11: This smells exactly like Brambleberry's Woodland Elves. Very Christmas scent with berries, pine, and spice

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