Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pipping Soap Poppy Flower

Soaping is very much like cooking, to be more specific, very much like baking.  Whatever you can pipe onto a cake for decoration it can be done in cold process soap also.  I'm not much of a baker, why make it myself when I can just buy all kind of yummy treats out there easily?!  I confess, my very first pipping experience is not for food, it's for soap... that's serious soaping addiction, LOL.
Pipping cupcakes is actually pretty easy as long as you get the thickness of soap batter under control.  Pipping flowers is a totally different story.  All the youtube clips on pipping flowers make it look so easy and effortless.
These are my first pipped flower, they are supposed to be poppies but... oh well, good enough, LOL
It was no piece of cake for me!  I had to pipe it again and again, scrap the failed ones, throw it back into the bag, do it again until it looked decent.  The last 2 flower petals started to crack all over the place because the soap batter had gotten way too thick and dry for pipping.

Oh well, next time will be better I tell myself!  Hey, at least they look like flower!
If you want to give this a try, take a look at this video first: 
Thank you Kim from Alamo Candelaria for showing us how to pipe poppy flower!!


  1. Your poppies turned out great!! Kyme is a rock-star at this, and yours look just as good!

  2. I agree. Your poppies look so nice! I've tried piping flowers and it is not easy. I'm going to have to practice some more.

  3. LOVE these Emily!!! I've not tried piping any other flowers, but I'm inspired by these!

  4. Both of you are just amazing artists! Very inspirational!

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  6. Wow ! They are absolutely stunning. =)

  7. They are gorgeous! But this is why I prefer baking because I have an excuse to eat any that didn't turn out just right.

  8. I can't wait to see what you do with these beautiful flowers!

  9. Your flowers turned out so pretty! I love the colors and the yellow touch in the middle. Thanks for sharing, and for including the video.