Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cooking in Rome

We booked ourselves a 4 hour cooking class (total 12 students all international of course) while staying in Rome with barely any knowledge of what REAL Roma cuisine is.  Apparently after the class, we found out, whatever little we knew was all WRONG, lol!  Anyway, I'm showing you the desert we all helped to make from scratch, cute right?!

This photo shows all the fresh ingredients our chef bought from the local market that morning.  I LOVE prosciutto, have been eating it everyday! 

This is delicious!  We used pumpkin blossom to house the prosciutto wrapped mozzarella cheese, dipped in cold beer batter, then deep fried them.  I still drool over the photos every time I look at them...

Have you seen Roman broccoli?!  This is it!  

It took 7 students almost an hour to roll all the pasta!  I don't know if i'll be reproducing this dish myself at home...  eeek!

Roman broccoli with prosciutto sausage for the fresh made pasta!  Very yummy!

Look at all the meatballs we made, almost 100 of them!  And of course the tomato sauce is made from scratch too.

This desert is so easy to make, very similar to tart, filling is made with brandy pear mixed with ricotta cheese and dark chocolate shave.


  1. Oh...My...God...!I can't stop drooling, I really can't, Emily.

  2. Wow, wow, wow!! You can eat pumpkin blossoms?? Really, I had no idea. It all looks so delicious!

  3. @ Amy, you got to try the pumpkin blossoms if you can get any at your local market, they are delicious (and very mouth watering... drooling)!

  4. Hi there. Terribly sorry to revive an awfully old post, but I thought it worth mentioning that "fiori di zucca" can mean more than just pumpkin flowers. It includes anything in the approximate family, really. Zucchini/courgettes, flowers from any squash type thing would probably work. My Roman mother always used zucchini flowers from her garden. They might be easier to get hold of than pumpkin flowers. ...If anyone is still into the idea. :)

    1. You are right, zucchini or squash flowers should work too, whatever come sin season and local!