Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now the fun part, the big reveal

As promised, the reveal of the spoon swirl milk soap.  I had to film this in 2 different days and you will see why, not telling you now, you have to watch the video!

PS. the weird part is the essential oil blend I used to scent this batch is totally gone by now.  Cross my fingers it will return as the soap cures. 


  1. Those are awesome bars! I didn't know that the yellow had to be exposed to air.

  2. @ SunFall, normally yellow (which I used yellow mica and annatto infused oil) does not need to be exposed to air to turn, this batch is somehow strange. I suspect it's the pumpkin honey milk puree I added in. The additives made the soap batter muted and dark. But once 'oxidized' the yellow showed up.

  3. What lovely soaps! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. Your cheese cutter seems to be doing a great cutting job.I have to get one too as cutting with the cake slicer is getting a little tough now that I make slightly larger batches.