Monday, October 3, 2011

Soaperstar Soap in Action

Last post I showed you the soaps swap from soaperstar Welcome Home Package.  I have been using her soaps since I opened them.  I especially fell in love with her Water Lily, that's the batch she did when she ran out of avocado oil and had to readjust her usual recipe to replace the avocado oil.  According to her blog she increased the amount of sweet almond oil and cocoa butter to compensate the missing avocado oil.  Well, soaperstar, this is a keeper!  It lathers up rather quickly and turns into thick milk foam that lasts forever.  And her soap left my skin a slippery silky feel afterwards, I bet it's the silk she put in the soap!  Anyway, I sort of promised her I would show her how foamy her Water Lily can get, in a short video.  So here you go, my virgin talkie!  

PS. Please ignore the noise on the background.  That is my African Grey pet bird, Soba.  He has been screaming at the masks we bought from Venice, Italy for souvenir.  I guess in his perception they look like strangers in the house.


  1. Brilliant! That is a great video, you have totally made my, otherwise very crappy, day! I'm seriously thinking now of making that formula my No. 1. Yes it'd be a little more expensive, but I make the soaps to be the best they can be so it'd be worth it. Thanks so much, and yay for breaking your video cherry!!! xxx

  2. Oh my goodness! Look at all those lovely bubbles! I gotta run over there and get some myself! Watch out, Celine, I'm heading your way today :D
    Emily- Yay! You made a video! And it turned out wonderfully. Such a nice review and I love the way you say "lily" :D Your hubby didn't do bad behind the camera, either.

  3. Em what a nice video. On this end we got two for one! The bubbles and Soba, and Celine also! That is an amazing pile of soap froth nice blend. Water Lily sounds yum. Where would one find that fro?

  4. @ Pam, I have no idea where Celine gets the FO, probably from one of her Irish suppliers! It does smell very strong and floral.

  5. I have been thinking about this video and watched it a few times. It is really quite lovely how the soap lathers and bubbles. When I have done testing I just run the soap under the waterwith my hands and soap up. I think limiting
    the water as you did is a better test!