Thursday, January 12, 2012

Left Over Holiday Juice: Berry Pomegranate

It's funny how I always can find something left over to make soap with.  Or, maybe I unconsciously 'create' left over so I have excuses to make it into soap!  You can tell Soap is in my mind every second, LOL.
For those who can't watch the video, here's a quick shot.  Sorry it's not good lighting, formal photos will follow when it's ready!
Here's the video, enjoy!


  1. Very awesome! I love how your swirls turned out, hun! And and and- you mentioned my name! LOL! Can't wait to hear your final verdict on the scent and see the professional pictures! :)

  2. Love the tone-on-tone colors!! Great job - it's beautiful!

  3. Excelent video!
    It's fun how sometimes you make a plan A and comes out the plan B!
    That's why I love to make soap(and that).
    You work a lot with colorants, me not(with the natural ones, yes).
    How good is seen in video the acceleration on the trace when you add the O.E,because that happens with the majority.
    Thanks for the video again,
    I wish you a wonderful week!