Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evily's Kitchen is Open for Soap Class!

First time ever!
I always encourage friends and family to participate what I love to do - soaping, but rarely would anyone take the challenge or be patient enough to actually be hands on every step of the process.  But, this passed weekend I had my first student!  We had a lot of fun!  It was a tight squeeze in my small kitchen but we managed to make a big batch (2 logs) of soap and lasagna from scratch!  Did I mention both in action at the same time?!  Don't worry, we didn't drop any vegies in the soap batter, nor did we drip any soap batter into the lasagna mistaken it for sauce!  Well, I'm alive here writing the post, am I not?!  LOL
My future sister in law is one of my loyal supporter for my hand made soap.  She had this idea of a nice gift bag full of B&B products to every girl who is attending her best friend's bridal shower that's happening next month.  I suggested her to push the boundary to make the package even more personal by making the bride-to-be the soap she would love from scenting to color choices.  I tried to let her be very hands on from mixing the fragrances of her choice to colors and swirl design.  The only thing I didn't let her do is mixing the lye solution.  She did all the butter scooping, the liquid oil and whole 9 yard.  I present your her version of Honey Oat Soap, made with colloidal oatmeal and local organic honey!

Not bad for a first timer!  Not bad at all!