Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Long Overdue Soap Video - Berry Chocolate

It's not that I hate doing videos to show how I soap, I really do like to show everyone how.  It is my contribution to our soaping community as I think I've benefit a lot from other experts and I want to give back.  I don't believe in keeping secretes about soaping style and techniques, it is that personal touch and creativity that counts.  Even with the same techniques applied, each soap is still going to come out different and unique.  And that's the beauty of handmade, because we can put our personality into the making, it is really a form of art that no one can completely duplicate.
Ok, I totally got side tracked.  Anyway, it is a drag to me because I can't talk when I soap, that mean it is very heavy editing work involved in every video I put out.  I found myself soaping more and more complicated projects as time progressed.  Simple soaping does not interest me (or should I say not challenging) anymore.  Each carefully planned soap project now requires me over 40 minutes of soaping time!  This is just the soaping time you see on videos, does not include all the preparation and planning ahead!  Plus the clean up, the part I hate the most!  For a small batch of 8 bars, this is sure time consuming...

For those of you can't watch the video, here are some photos:


  1. So cool and pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    Editing videos usually takes me 2 hours because I'm a perfectionist and usually find useless chatter after I've shot the video or I've said something that doesn't make sense etc. or you can't hear what is being said as my sister and I tend to talk over each other.

    I have learned a lot about my video program which is helpful.


  2. You do a great job with your videos. And the soap? Oh My Goodness! It's so adorably cute!

  3. So Pretty and so yummie looking!
    The brown really turned into dark brown, just like you said.
    Good work Emily.

  4. Ok, that soap is GORGEOUS! You have a lot of patience to make such lovely decorated soap!

  5. Wow, that is really really cool. So unique!

  6. Lady, you are a true artist! Personally, color takes top vote and yours have inspired me so much, especially the micas. I love the menagerie too ;) My sis and I soap together too. Thank you for sharing.