Friday, December 7, 2012

Full Moon Soap - Using Evaporated Goat Milk

There are people who swear by fresh goat milk soap.  Then I saw evaporated goat milk in a can in the supermarket, it says on the back, double strength!  Can't go wrong with double strength!  Got to try for sure!
I froze the milk into ice cubes and used it to melt my lye.  The difference in using this evaporated version from regular fresh goat milk is that my lye solution got really thick, almost like medium trace already even before mixing into the oil/butter!  And it started with yellow color.  Don't know how this is going to effect my final soap colors because I added titanium dioxide and colorants.
 This is what I bought from the store:
I think you can find it in any supermarket.

And, this is the soap, finished the night before full moon, cut the day of full moon!

This is inspired by a color scheme from Design-Seeds
What do you think?  Dead on?


  1. That is so dead on! I love the colors, the are so vibrant and that moon looks amazing. :)

  2. fantastic soap! love the moon!!!

  3. Ok, that's incredible. Love it. Colors are great. Fresh. And double strength goats milk, great idea. Love the richness.

  4. Hi Emily
    This soap looks so cool; I feel like I'm standing on the edge of a cliff wolfing! I really love it, I want to try it, how did you put the moon in the middle?


    1. I made the round moon soap a couple days ahead of time with silicone round mold then embed in the soap log.