Monday, April 29, 2013

Soap Top Colored Sugar Crystal Obsession

I told you I get obsessed from time to time!
I'm going to show you a simple last minute trick to spice up soap top!  This item is very common in supermarket or any baking supply store.  It is cake decorating sugar crystal, yes, the eatable sugar, just in bigger crystal size than regular white granulated sugar.  However, if you live in tropical high humidity place this might not work for you, you don't want sugar water on top of your soap!  You can use it as is, just sprinkle wherever you want:
Or you can color it lightly first then sprinkle all over:
Or, you can color it intensively then sprinkle:
Tip, do not use water or oil base colorants!  Colorants should be powder form, best to be shimmery or sparkly but don't use dye!


  1. What a wonderful eye for color you have. Me I love me some suga! Beautiful

  2. Wow! Are the bamboos made of sugar as well? Love the creativity you put into all your soaps and thanks for sharing your ideas sith us.

  3. Yup. I tried that and I do have sugar water on my soap. Sticky! =)

  4. I wonder if you could use epsom salt? It's got a pretty shape, too.

    1. I used Epsom salt once, so some reason when I insulated the soap to force gel the salt crystal turned white instead of clear.

  5. I like it! So much better than adding glitter. Pretty!

  6. I love your soaps! They are so beautiful. What do you use to color your soaps, especially that pretty creamy white one?