Friday, May 3, 2013

Big Announcement

I have been pondering around the idea of offering "teaching" since so many people asked me.  Problem is I do not have a facility nor do I have extra equipment and materials to do so physically.  In addition, everyone is located everywhere in the country and outside the countries.  It is proven hard to get everyone to be at the same place at the same time.  I want to make this very affordable and trouble-less to say the least, to me and to all participants.  Upon casual online discussions I had with various soapers for months, live video conferencing seems to be a great idea.  But of course, it is not free.

Live video conference soaping is new, I have not seen anyone done so exclusively.  How to make it educational and informative but at the same time still hands on and productive is my biggest hurdle.  I had put that idea behind my mind for a long time simply because I have no complete solution yet.  At the mean time I kept on making soap videos to show what people want to see.

Last week I woke up one day thinking I should just do it.  It's useless to keep on simulating it in my head, put it in action and see what comes out, it's called trial and error.  I would never know if I don't give it a try, right?!  Let me paint you a broad picture of my new upcoming adventure:
  • It's not a typical soap "class" per say, it's definitely not for beginners.  I call people who want to join the participants, not students.  I'm simply here to offer you the way I think when I soap, for you to understand why my soap come out a certain way.   Therefore, my offerings will be soaping sessions on online live video conference.
  • I'm offering you inspiration together with tips and tricks.  I'm certainly not offering exactly how to soap like me!  That is not the point, the point is so you can develop your own style.
  • This will be hands on, not watching me soap from a video camera.  And yes, that means a lot of prep ahead of time before session starts.
  •    I should have put this at the very top, everyone has to be equipped with computer they can set up in their soaping area for all of us to "see" each other while soaping.
I already publicly requested free trial participants and got 5 right the way.  Session should be held in about a week.  Before it starts everyone will get electronic preparation sheets.  Everyone needs to be prepared before the session, we are not waiting if one starts to scramble because he/she is not prepared.  How exciting is this?!  I will report back hopefully soon!

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  1. I taught my first soap class for beginners a few weeks ago. Took tons of time to plan but it worked really well and everyone went home with 7 bars of soap and no lye burns. Yeah. I'm sure your classes will go well too. Folks will be lucky to learn from you. Your creations are gorgeous! Love those sugar crystal soaps!