Monday, August 26, 2013

Soaping Banana Coconut Milk

Can you believe it's almost the end of summer already?!  We the soapers are very much like fashion retailers, always have to think a season or 2 ahead to have enough time for production.  I love using banana and coconut milk for fall and winter because these 2 seasons tend to dry out my skin.  I love using coconut milk, it's the best of the 2 worlds (plant milk and animal milk).  Plant milks tends to have the silkiness but no fat; animal milk tends to have all that protein and fat but lack of that silkiness.  Coconut milk is the exception, it has high content of creamy fat AND the silkiness from the plant.  Here's my earlier about milk soap test: Blind Milk Soap Test Results

There's usually a challenge soaping banana (high sugar) PLUS coconut milk (high fat) in the hot summer.  Sugar and milk fat are the 2 major contributors to soap overheating.  Soap batter gets thicker than usual, making fancy swirl design impossible.  Another combination that causes similar soaping problem is avocado puree with coconut milk, this one is purely high fat!  Well, and lots of starch from avocado...  Here is their story:
Almond Delight Soap
(banana coconut milk)
 Green Tea & Willow Soap
(avocado coconut milk)
Teakwood & Cardamom Soap
(banana coconut milk)
Soap made with banana coconut milk produces lot of bubble, creamy thick bubbles.  Who would not like that?!


  1. I didn't know that about plant vs. animal milk...very interesting! They all turned out so beautiful Emily, I would love to try avocado in soap, I bet it's amazing.

  2. Whoa these are so beautiful and creamy looking. I'd love any one of them! Avo or no avocado coconut milk is the best! Thank you for sharing these Emily.