Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Third and Final Trial Live Video Soaping Session

I had very high hope for this 3rd and final trial run of my future live video soap session I plan to offer.  My 2nd trial went really well with only a couple small hick ups that I thought I had everything figure out.
Boy am I so wrong...
To read about the 2nd trial here's the link: Second Trial Live Video Soaping Session
The biggest challenge for live video is unfortunately the speed of the internet connection, both download and upload speed.  The more people in the same session the faster speed each participant would NEED.  Imaging constant streaming video and sound 6 ways for 2 hours!  Insufficient internet speed results in constant stalling during the session, and it's proven to be very disturbing, sigh.  I have to admit, I really got discouraged.  I do love the fact that we can meet soapers all over the world without leaving our homes.  It's like I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, constantly debating on whether or not to offer online soaping session.  I still don't have an answer.  Here are some soaps we made from the session:

This is what I made before the class to show participants what to make
This is the soap from the live video session demo:
This is the soap made by Shelly from Lion & Rose Soap:
This one is from Pamela at By the Sea Soap:


  1. I still had an amazing time despite technical challenges. It will remain one of my favorite soaping memories. Thanks! BTW, people all LOVE the soap that I created in our session. Thanks for teaching me this technique. I plan to use it many times in the future. :-)

  2. WOW those colors are bright, and I love how perfect the layers are. The gold mica on top is a nice touch too!

  3. Hi your so inspirational, I love your blog could probably spend all day looking and get no work done :-) definite soap porn here. Will you ever be doing a live video soaping session ever again ?. I am keeping my fingers crossed

    1. The truth is I'm a little discouraged after 3 trials. The first major problem is not able to synchronize all participants internet connection, not evey one has the option of fast internet upload speed. That really effect the quality of the soap session as the process kept on getting interrupted. The other reason is the survey I sent out to all participants. All results were anonymous but the general feel is since there are so many free Youtube videos on how to make soap, soapers are not willing to pay for this kind of session. I understand it's only a small portion of opinion, but I got discouraged.

    2. Hi this is such a shame, I understand that your super busy creating these soaps, but perhaps there is a way to encourage future classes by doing some youtube videos on some of your designs, then some maybe soap challenges etc . Then who knows, either way I will continue to stare in amazement at your creativity. your soaps are gorgeous :-)