Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sample Product Marketing

Have you heard of Tantalizing Sampler?  It is a site that sells a gift box filled with all kinds of handcrafted products every 2 months.  It is a great idea for both the consumers and small handmade businesses.  Small handmade business like me can join and submit good size samples of the products I make voluntary in exchange for advertising and marketing opportunity.  Consumers can spend almost at cost price to get a mystery box whenever the site is offering, it's a great way for people to try new products they normally would not have a chance to discover.  This sounds like a win win situation.  If you are interested, here's the site: Tantalizing Sampler  Check them out, every box is different.  The next box is October, a great way to preview potential unique handcrafted presents for the holidays coming up.
Why am I blogging about other business?  Well, because I decided to participate in October sampler box myself!  I submitted boxes of trial size cold process soap paired with matching scented lotion, also trial size.

Let me show you the box from August Sampler, beautifully assembled, then shipped to each buyer. 
It costed $20 per box for the US customers and $35 per box for international for August box.  This is just to give you a ball part on pricing.  I heard October box is going to be bigger and more grant!  If you are interested, keep you eyes open for the October listing on their web site, you won't be disappointed.


  1. I tried to comment yesterday but had password problems. Anyhow, where do you purchase you boxes, they are super cute

  2. Great idea for promotion. Your sample gift items and boxes are beautiful!

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