Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Winner of Soap Crafting Giveaway

Let's try this again since the 2nd prize winner of my Soap Crafting giveaway never show up.  I've given a week, and that I feel is long enough.  It is not fair to other participants.  I've posted the result on my FB page, on soaping group, asking soapers around and winner didn't contact me.  Until this afternoon, the 1st prize book winner finally emailed me!  Woohoo!
Now as promised, 2nd prize, a bar soap of Pine Fresh made with one of the recipe from the book, had been redrawn randomly by using List Randomizer and Sequence Generator.  And the new winner is:

Please email me at shiehdesignstudio@gmail.com and give me your full name and address so I can send you the soap!  I'm going to make this one short, If winner doesn't respond I will redraw on Friday, September 13th, AGAIN!

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  1. I'll volunteer if this person doesn't chime in! Beautiful soap!