Monday, January 14, 2013

Every Soap Gets a Second Chance

If I have a vision of what a soap is supposed to look like I'm kind of stubborn on getting it right.  Failure on the first try will only fire me up!  The next day after my careless mistake that melted my carefully designed soap top, I decided to give it a second chance.
Ok, maybe I'm being too harsh on the soap, maybe this should have been categorized as human error... this is more like giving myself a second chance!
 In case you are confused about what I was talking about, read my previous blog post and you will see what I mean: First Soap of the Year - What a Bad Start
To avoid over heating and gelling from last failure, I decided to take a different approach.  We soapers learn to be very flexible over time.  It is rare that the combination of our recipes + environment + additives + fragrance would play nice all the time.  Well, at least for me I almost always have to implement at the last minute to account for the unforeseeable.  Anyway, I decided to remake Seaside Cotton soap in silicon individual molds for several reasons:

  • much small mess = no chance of over heating
  • every bar will look more uniformed in size and dimensions
  • easier to unmold and no further cutting required
  • flatter surface will showcase the shells better
I'm pretty happy with my second chance here!

   PS. It might seem like I intentionally made it look like shells being washed up to the sandy beach by the ocean...  Little did you know that it's another last minute implementation I had to make because I misjudged the amount of "sand" I need to fill all soap tops!  Oops...  But I'm quit happy with this accidental result, more so than my original plan!


  1. Well no matter about the last minute implementation. It looks like a thoroughly planned out bar of Seaside Cotton soap. Love the shells on display on their flatter surface. It does show them off much better, though honestly the first soap was very pretty prior to the melting. Great save!

  2. I'm totally in love with the shells. They are so very pretty! Emily you are such a talented artist and your soaps are an inspiration to us all.

  3. I love how it turned out! You did a fabulous job with the shells. =)

  4. Your first go at it was impressive, especially before the "meltdown". But these are absolutely stunning! I love them.

  5. Gorgeous second those shells, they are mesmerizing!