Sunday, January 20, 2013

Liquor in Soap - Sake (Rice Wine)

What is Sake?  It is rice wine in Japanese.  There are many kinds of rice wine, some are good to drink in room temperature, some are good to drink chilled, and some need to be warm.  We love going to sushi bar eating sashimi and sushi and pair it with sake!  Try it, you will like it!
I've tried using liquor to make soap before, actually quit a few, like red wine, champagne, rum, and beer, so why not sake?!  I boiled a cheap bottle of sake the night before and chilled in the refrigerator.  The next day when I mixed sodium hydroxide in the sake the whole thing turned bright orange!  I'm pretty sure it was the sugar in the wine, just hope that it would not affect the colors of my soap because purple is the color of this Violet Rose soap!

Those purple flowers were pipped a few days ago.  I'm trying to practice pipping flowers with soap.  They are not exactly what I planned but still good.
It is very hard to imagine the finished color when your started with a heavy colored lye solution.  All my purples became kind of muted looking.  I could not tell if I need to add more red or more blue or what.  See how bright the pipped flowers are?  Well, I guess the lye solution color did indeed affect the outcome of my purple... sigh.  My purple looks muted now.  But, it smells great at least!


  1. Your soap looks really beautiful! Amazing colours and pretty flowers - I like♥

  2. Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous design!

  3. Its lovely, amazing, wonderful...