Monday, February 13, 2012

Definitely Not Vegan

I'm so hoping the winter is over, I can never get enough warm weather!  I'm already making salt bar now to prepare for the sunny days to come when I can start wearing open toes cute sandals!  For those of you don't know what salt bar is, it is cold process soap made with load of salt for that scrubby effect.  My salt bars are definitely not vegan!  I've always wanted to try animal fats for cold process soap because Brad Pitt's Fight Club kind of got stuck in my head!  Finally I got myself a gallon of rendered beef tallow and gave it a try!  I can assure you there's no hamburger smell!


  1. Oooo so pretty! And way to use beef tallow!

  2. Love these colors, the soft pink and green, topped of with that beautiful pink salt.
    Is that Himalayan salt?
    Greetings from Holland...

    1. Thanks! No it's not Himalayan salt, just regular sea salt crystals then I colored it with red mica, and gold mica.

  3. Love the shape of these salt bars. Would be so easy to use on feet in the shower. Brilliant!

  4. Salt bars are often described as spa soaps. The color of this soap looks like a spa bar to me. Lovely color and interesting use of lard!