Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Friendship Soap - Mystique

The story goes... 9 of us from all over the world (ok, I exaggerated a little but seriously, it's international!) decided to make soap for each other.  This is nothing new, apparently there was a group of soapers who just did it recently.  What is it you ask?!  Well, after getting all soapers signed up, we started chatting as a group online and exchanging stories to get to know each other better not just in soap making but at more personal level.  Then we had Celine's (from IamHandmade) husband do the random name drawing, kind of like a modified secrete santa game people play in Christmas season, except, it's not a secrete.  If you are curious about who is making soap for who, watch this short video first: Friendship Soap Party Swap Names  You have to watch this, it is hilarious!
I have the honor to make soap for Anita from Anita's La La Land from Canada.  Her only request is that she wants to try an oriental, but mysterious and sexy fragrance.  Here's a quick shot of the finished log in case you are not able to watch youtube.  Hint: don't miss the section starting around 5:30 minutes into the video!  You need to listen to it, trust me you'll like it.


  1. I always love your videos they are fun to watch and I learn while watching. It is funny how guys do not want us to mess with their Super Bowl time. :) Keep the videos coming please.

  2. Oh what a fun swap! Gorgeous and sexy looking soap Em! Oh and I loved the music too. Did your husband's team win? LOL soap nazi!

  3. Hahaha..watched it again, still made me laugh! ;-P Sorry, Steve. And thank you Steve, for pouring the soap. And, THANK YOU Emily, for making me such a mystical and stunning soap. I LOVE it! xoxo

  4. Awesome video!!! I love how you edited it. Do you talk while you are soaping or it seemed like you did a voice over afterward? I think I should have done that for my video because I am just babbling on, talking about anything I could think of!!! thanks for the great video! xo Jen

    1. Jennifer, I cannot talk when I soap, that's why I have to d the voice over afterwards! I can be very mean when soaping as you can hear from my video this time yelling at my husband! LOL can't wait to see your video! I'm sure it'll be great!

  5. Oh the sighing superbowl husband. How hysterical! I really enjoy your voice over video technigue as your directions are so clear and easy to hear

  6. Great video!

    I was a little surprised when I heard the music at the end when you showed the unmolded soap for this is the music of my favourite running-podcast. I also like the voice over, you're doing marvelous!