Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saving Private Salt Bar

Have you seen the movie Saving Private Ryan?  Well, this is my soap version...
Couple weeks ago I attempted my none vegan salt bars, my first batch this year.  I had this perfect plan for perfect cube salt bar with perfect fragrance and colors.  Then the mold I used ruined it, again...  It's that cube silicone mold I bought from Bramble Berry.  In case you have not heard about my struggle with this mold, read this post: Left Over Holiday Alcohol: Pinot Noir  I figured, for the amount of money I spent to buy this mold, it's crazy not to give it a 2nd chance to redeem itself, right?!  WRONG!!!  If you have made salt bar you would know when it sets up it's hard as a rock.  So naturally it's ideal to use individual mold to avoid missing the right timing to cut.  I guess I can't really blame on the silicone mold... because I also didn't force gel the salt bar, instead, I cold processed it.  But I thought the salt I put in plus the 80% hard oil content would definitely be enough to set it concrete hard!  Well, I ended up with crumbs at the bottom of the mold...  oh~ what to do???  I'm calling my soap troopers to go rescue my private salt bar!

From this disaster:


  1. Very nice save! I love the colors and the top establishment color I imagine is mica is also pretty. Embeds are marvelous when they add such texture and interest for the eye.

  2. Beautiful new bars. Well done ! My best salt bar was rebatched FOUR times. I still have a few bars left over and it is the best stuff but sadly I'll never be able to recreate it. So when I tell my customers a certain bar is "limited" I'm really talking about myself!

  3. Wow ~ looks wonderful Emily! I love your save xxx

  4. What a creative solution and of course as always you have such a wonderful color choice.
    Looks like summer.....

  5. Gosh they look lovely!! Applause on the great save Emily!

  6. I love the look of your bars!

    My salt soap is made with 100% CO and 70% salt. I make 1 kg at a time and SF at 20% ... this means that the coconut oil is amazing. I sell these as facial bars and I have problems keeping up with the orders. I pour the batter into silicon muffin moulds or silicon flower moulds, as they show the flower shape so beautifully. Then they're left to cure for three months and they're amazing and there's no dry feeling!

    1. Great job Emily! I like the salty embeds more than plain salty bars! I also have problems when using silicone ffor CP soapss...

  7. You did a great job. The rebatched soap looks beautiful.