Sunday, September 21, 2014

Confetti Soap

I have been ignoring my blog recently since my summer vacation to Jordan and Turkey.  No specific reason, just hard to getting back into the mood.  I would stare at my soap in the curing area or even in front of my computer screen with my soap photos and just draw a blank.  I guess I just have to make something to get going.  Prior to my vacation i did a series of pink and red colorant testing and got all these pink and red soap not for sale.  That's a lot of pink and reds.  The easiest way to reuse these soap is by grating them down (which is pretty mindless to do) and add them to a fresh batch of soap for confetti style soap.

This one is particularly interesting as I did not know using black oxide can get you glycerin river too.  I usually get glycerin river with using water dispersible titanium dioxide which is a whitening agent to create bright white soap.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Color Inspiration - Mulberry Frost II

Last year I made my Mulberry Frost Soap with a color palette taken from Design Seeds, see this post: Color Inspiration - Mulberry Frost  This year I'm revamping it, with ANOTHER color palette.  I'm always looking to out do myself!
This one caught my eyes:
 I really like that splash of slightly neon green that brightens up the mood.  I'm rather surprised how well it went, looks so much better than I expected inside!