Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Ultimate Wake Me Up Soap

Do you know that pure caffeine has been used in the bath and body industry forever?  I did exaggerated a little but it is not uncommon to see caffeine as an active ingredient in eye cream or cellulite cream.  Continuous use of caffeine treatment products can help eliminating the excess water retention in tissue and smooth out the unwanted cellulite or stretch lines.
Soap is a wash off product, I can't prove how much caffeine can actually be absorbed into the skin in the shower since soap doesn't stay on our skin for too long.  But I love coffee soap, and I love adding extra caffeine in my coffee soap!
Pure caffeine powder looks like white crystalline sand and it's a bit tricky to use.  It requires hot liquid to melt and dissolve.  I've always been using hot water just to dissolve caffeine powder and use coffee to dissolve lye in the past.  This time I got a little lazy.  I thought, coffee is hot when just brewed, why not just dissolve caffeine powder in hot coffee to save some time?  WRONG...  It went well initially, dissolved well, cooled down perfectly.  But when the lye hit... boy... turned the caffeine boosted cold coffee into a white paste mess!  What a classic case of trying to save a penny end up spending a dime...
I remade the coffee, took a portion out to dissolve caffeine powder and the rest for the lye and the rest, please watch this video:

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Is It Beauty or the Beast?!

This is a story of extreme glycerin river in my soap.  If you are new to glycerin river you might want to take a look at my previous post here first: Where is my Glycerin River?
Here's my short under 3 minutes video of showing you what happened to me few days ago.  Some people think it's a beauty and one of a kind, but I think it's a total beast!  Judge it yourself!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pipping Flower Soap Video At Last

Last time I promised to show a short video clip of how I pipped those flower soap I used to dress up my soap top like these:
I finally got some extra soap left over from a batch I did and so here's the short 8 minute video of me pipping flower soap: