Monday, January 30, 2012

Do You See Dragon?!

To celebrate Chinese New Year (ok, I normally don't in the US except eating like a pig for the Eve) I decided to make a theme soap.  I'm only doing this because I was also born in the dragon year, except, I was a fire dragon baby and this year it's water dragon.  Apparently the lucky colors for water dragon are teal (no kidding! LOL) and silver, and lucky gems are sapphire and amber.  This is take #2 as the fragrance oil I chose for the first one traced too fast, couldn't do the heart swirls on the top.  Next time I will remember not to use new fragrance oil when I plan complicated projects!  LOL


  1. Such a nice video and your soap is gorgeous. Two colored hearts are such a nice contrast yet complement each other nicely. Yes I see the dragon chasing thru the streets!

  2. I watched the video last night and left a comment, can't wait to see it cut!