Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Controversial Milk Soap - Part 1 of 2

If you are not comfortable with human breast milk please accept my apology and skip this post entirely.

Ok, if you decide to read on, this is obviously talking about my experiment of human breast milk soap.  People either love it or hate it when talking about using "human fluid" to make soap!  I get extreme reactions from both sides of the fence.  To me there's no difference between all mammal milk.  I do see why people worry, they are afraid of the possible contamination in milk.
Breast milk is hard to come by anyway, especially from a source I know and trust.  So when one of my good friends offered me her extra milk in the freezer I gladly took a small box!  Her baby is just not consuming all the milk she can pump, rather than throwing it away, she gave it to me knowing that I'm always curious about making soap with all kinds of ingredients.  I have used a bar of breast milk before from a soaper in Taiwan.  To be honest I was not impressed at all.  But I can't say it's because of the breast milk.  For one reason, I do not know the method she used nor do I know exactly what % of oil/butter or superfat she used.  For awhile there's no way for me to draw a conclusion on breast milk soap, well, until now!
I made 3 small batches of breast milk soap for this experiment.  I did one totally naked, no scent or colorant added; one with some FO and half colored with a little yellow mica; then last one fully scented with FO and colored just like what I would do with all my other soap.  Also, I used the same recipe as I make my other naked milk soap (coconut milk, cow milk, soy milk... etc.) and same superfat %.
   Photo is very self-explanatory, you can see how the milk affect the coloration.  Now I have to let them cure and start my sink testing with water.
See you all in Part 2!


  1. Milk is milk, right? I would think that humans would be happier with their own than something that has come from an animal's udder ;)

    You always make beautiful soap and these are no exception <3

  2. Lovely soap. I think using breast milk in soap is pretty neat. I can't wait to see how you like it when it is done curing.