Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lanolin Body Butter

Have you neglected your feet through out the summer wearing sandals or walk barefooted?  While it is more comfortable letting your feet breath, it is also very wearing on the skin.  It is very easily forgotten because we hardly look down there??  As the summer is ending and the fall/winter coming in, I'm starting to think about foot cream to repair all that cracks I suddenly see under my heels.
Last year I made a version of anhydrous body butter that was 99% pure skin beneficial butter and oils.  See post here: Is Butter Better?  Yes 99% because I decided to add 1% preservative to protect everyone from bacteria or mold if God forbid some one carelessly dip their wet fingers in the jars.  Theoretically if there is no water present in a product it needs no preservative.  Bactria, yeast, and mold only grow in environment where there's H2O.
This year I'm trying out a new formula using 20% glycerin.  Glycerin is a well known humectant.  But if you only use glycerin in a relatively dry area, very low humidity environment, it might actually do the opposite for your skin, it might draw even more moisture out of your skin to reach inside outside equilibrium.  However, if it is used in conjunction with a moisture retainer, it can be sealed into your skin without "leaking" the humectant back out.  So here's my new totally not vegan body butter ingredient list:
Cocoa butter
Mango butter
Lanolin wax
Bee's wax
Sesame oil (high content of Vitamin E)
Meadowfoam oil
Aloe vera extract
Natural Vitamin E
BTMS (natural derived conditioning emulsifier)
Modified Tapioca starch (to cut grease) 

1st whip:
 For body butter to get fluffy I do a triple whip.  What does that mean?  That means after I melted butter and oils together, I put it in my refrigerator to cool down temperature fast to a semi solid stage again.  Whip it with a hand held whisk mixer.  Then pop it back to the refrigerator again to solidify.  Take it out and whip it again.

2nd whip: 

I repeated that again and whip the third time with added preservative and fragrance then package it in jars:

3rd whip:
 You can tell from the photo transformation that the more times I repeated the whip, the smoother it gets!  The end product looks totally like heavy whip cream you see on cakes!


  1. absolutely fabulous texture on the whipped butter. Yes we need that on our skin after the summer has gone.

  2. Wow! Looks good enough to eat!

  3. Wow! That is beautiful and looks good enough to eat! Your technique sounds really interesting. I will have to give it a try.

  4. Can we have the quantity of each ingredients and the Directions? Looks wonderful.

  5. you know it really sucks that you will not share your recipe with us. I would likely have bought something from your site had you not been so stingy with your recipe. I am sure someone shared it with you. But hey that is your choice. I will delete your blog and not shop on your site. You could take notes from Kim of Essential Soap on you tube, she shares and I buy from her all the time, she does not feel threatened by anyone, she is very helpful.

    1. Check yourself, msbjj1950 as to what sucks here. Actually, it's your attitude - demanding a proprietary recipe be freely handed to you. Why don't you do some of your own research and development instead of bullying and insisting you should be spoon fed? Successful companies spend lots of resources developing products. When's the last time Coca Cola gave out their recipe???

  6. Seriously???!! Wow you are totally like a child msbhh1950! Are you going to stomp your feet and take all your toys home because you didn't get your way?? What a joke. Soap makers spend THOUSANDS of hours and dollars doing trial-and-error research to create the awesome recipes that they hand craft and you want someone just to hand it over to you or you won't buy from them??!! You are a serious whack-job and act like you are 3. Get a friggin life!!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your technique Emily - I really appreciate how giving and helpful you are xxx

  8. To everyone who replied to me, I was merely saying that I believe in sharing and someone else asked for the recipe also, so I am not the only one who thought she might share. If I had a successful product believe me I would share it with anyone that asked. I am sorry you guys feel like you do but to each his own. I thought she was posting on here to share, not just to show us what she can make, I wish her good luck with her product.

    1. Enough is enough. This is my blog, please respect what I want to write. I already listed all the ingredients used in this butter and how I made it. I really do not appreciate your first comment. If you do not like my style of blogging, by all mean please delete my blog from your reading list. In fact, I just might block you from ever able to read any of my posts if that's your wish. To come here calling me stingy and threaten me like you did is classless. I have never left such a comment for any of my reader but you. This will be the first and the last. If I see any more rude comment from you again they will all be deleted.

  9. Shieh, I agree with you enough is enough and I am not on your blog to argue, I apologize to you if I sounded or offended you in any way, that was not my intention. I am truly sorry to you and your readers as I am not that type of a person. maybe I just did not understand you not sharing your wonderful looking product with us, again I am sorry. Please accept my apology.

  10. Are you keeping your product natural? Reason asking I was wondering if you have done any experimenting with hardners or esters with your body butter?

  11. This is a beautiful product and i will use the lanolin into making this body butter. My concern is does the butter melt down in hot temperture like other body butters?