Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lip Balm with Sheer Shimmer Fun

What if you don't want the full coverage of traditional lipstick?  What if you want the moisturizing power of a lip balm but wish there's a fun sheer color to it just for a little fling?  I thought about it myself too.  My usual Emu Lip Balm is made of:
Shea butter
Cocoa butter
Bee's wax
Candelilla wax
Meadowfoam oil
Emu oil
Castor oil
Cetyl alcohol
Stearic acid
Tocopherol (Natural vitamin E)
If you make your own lip balm using shea butter you would know how painful it is.  Shea butter is great emollient and I love how it feels on my lips.  But with so many people allergic to shea butter and it tends to crystallize and becomes grainy over time, I finally decided to eliminate this ingredient once for all.  I've tried many different vendors and other heating methods but none works well for me.  I simply replaced shea butter with mango butter in my new lip balm, eliminated cetyl alcohol & stearic acid, and readjusted the % all of other ingredients.  I also reformulated the balm to have a harder body, somewhere between a soft balm and traditional lipstick, to carry sheer color for some fun.  Let me introduce
Berry Pink Sheer
 Island Kiss Sheer
Passion Sheer
 Bite Me Sheer


  1. Yeah! I love balm like this. I buy Nivea's sheer tint in red, but I want yours instead. Are you selling?

    1. As soon as I can get my labels resolved... I really want to use the weather proof poly coated labels to sustain wear and tear. But I'm having issue with the latest batch I bought. I'm debating on just totally give up on the weatherproof label and go with typical.

    2. They are officially listed for sale!

  2. Love the colours! Especially Passion Sheer! Hmm,and Byte Me one!

  3. Omg I absolutely love your bite me one! Keep us updated on when these become available and ill definitely buy some!

    1. They are officially listed for sale!

  4. Love the colours. Isn't it just the limit when you solve one issue another pops up!

    1. So true! Sometimes making a product I like is not the hardest hoop to jump, it's the other tedious things that come with it...

  5. Bite Me sheer looks beautiful :D