Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photo Inspiration - Glass Pavilion

Inspiration can come from anywhere, sometimes it starts with a new fragrance I bought, sometimes it starts with an image I saw, sometimes it starts with a color scheme I want to achieve.  This one all started when I bought a new fragrance from a reputable supplier.  It is one of their new summer collection scents, fresh, crisp and marine type.  For awhile I didn't know what I'm going to design, nothing came to my mind.  I really like this scent, but a soaper's block hit me while I was tangled in new packaging making machine drama.  Let's not go there, it was a mess and a long story.  Nevertheless, I was able to dig myself out of the frustration and came back to what I'm really passionate about: making soap.  I know I wanted a blue soap, something related to words like summer, cool, refresh, spa, crisp... etc.  I saw this stained glass design picture on line and that is it, my inspiration!
This is my interpretation in soap:

What do you think?  A success?!