Thursday, August 8, 2013

A colorful Apron and a Soap Video

It can be very competitive in our soaping community, it is indeed a small world after all.  But as competitive as we can be, soapers still can be so cute and generous!
Out of the blue one night my husband came home and handed me a small package.  He gave me this silent eyeball rolling expression like he was asking me what I bought again for my soaping obsession.  Question marks quickly filled my head, I didn't remember buying anything recently so what can it be?!
Renee from Tub-Time Treasures sent me this one of a kind hand made apron because it reminded her of my colorful soaps, it would suit me so much better than the oversized "King of the Grill" apron my husband bought.
I have not been making soaping video for a long time but this really inspired me to get one done!  Of course I already pipped these opium poppy a day before.

Here's the video of completing the soap:
For those of you who can't watch video, here are some photos:

This is the photo I based my opium poppy color from, did I do a decent job?


  1. The soap is stunning! When I "grow up" I am gonna make poppies like Emily does! Lol

  2. You really nailed those poppies! Simply gorgeous, very unique soaps you made! So sweet of Renee for her sweet surprise.

  3. Beautiful!! And what a sweet gift!

    1. OMG !! So pretty, Emily.
      I like your soaps a lot.

  4. I like your poppies even better than the originals! This is one of my favourite soaps ever, Emily, wonderful job!!