Friday, September 27, 2013

Toning Down Soap Design

Yes you read it correctly, I did say toning down!
Why?!  I don't know really, just going through cycles.  We are pretty much like the economy, up and down, when it's already at the very top, we got to come down in order to get back up, right?
Simplifying the design is hard for me at the beginning.  I'm so used to plan complicated design, running in my head the possible sequence before actual soaping.  Established habit is hard to change.  In order to not fall into the same routine, I had to force my mind to go blank and just act on instinct right on the spot.

This one started so nicely, I even got a chance to drizzle glycerin glitter on wet soap top:
Then I did something stupid...
I took too long to take photos of the wet soap that the bottom of the log started heating up badly.  I don't like the partial gel effect, that would make uneven color marks.  Once gelling started, you can't stop it, so I helped it with a push, I heat up my oven with low heat and popped the soap in to force gel.  I totally forgot the glycerin glitter on top!  I screwed up the top, again!  Last time I did it was early this year:
Seriously, I need to think 3 times before putting soap into an oven next time!  Anyway, the top is ruined, but the inside is actually what I expected.


  1. They all look perfectly gorgeous to me!

  2. Nothing about this soap says 'ruined" It's truly beautiful top to bottom. The brown background colour is from a colour or from your FO?

  3. Beautiful soaps! That gold and turquoise swirl is just amazing!

  4. I just love these! The simple swirl is so elegant!

  5. Both are gorgeous to me...but I know how you feel, when we have a way it should go in our head and then it doesnt pan out that way we get frustrated...but in the end your soap is divine! :)

  6. LOL what a perfectionist wants....! LOL beautiful really and nothing a touch of mica won't doll up! Love the colors of both and the swirls.

  7. Seriously, can do no wrong! Beautiful!

  8. What beautiful swirls! Those close-up photos are fabulous. =)