Sunday, October 20, 2013

Design For Business Cards

Would you buy a brand name handbag or dress if the designer is wearing Target bought generic outfit?!  Not me!  There might be people who believe business card is just a tool to exchange contact information, as simple as possible, clean and get right to the point.  That might work for most of the industries, but not in area where design is essential.
Designing our business cards is similar to designing our product packaging, it's a never ending journey.  With so many cards flowing around the market, one can easily get buried.  How do I get my card noticed by general public?  How do I get my card into new customers who then want to keep my contact information?  More importantly how to design one that fits into the whole branding concept?
A year ago my business cards look like these:
This year I'm concentrating on eye catching bold statement that would make people want to keep my card and find out what I do.  With that in mind, these are my new business cards:
All contact information is now on the back of the card, it is a 2-sided design.  These are the 3 that got the highest votes when I proposed 4 designs to the online soaping community asking for public opinions.  The most common comment I got online is that #2 is preferred because it's clean, it's complimenting my branding colors (shades of purple), and most importantly, it looks like soap.  Funny thing is, when these new cards arrived my day job office, guess what cards my co-workers grab?  #1 & 3...  Reason is they are all amazed that soap can look like flower and cake!  Intriguing...  What do YOU think?


  1. Number 1 is my favorite followed by number 3. It has to do with the text of your bold statement actually showing up in a bold way. There is not enough contrast on card number 2 with the soap underneath the text.

    That being said. They all look great and if we did not have a comparison, then any of them would make a great card.

  2. They came out beautiful Emily! How do you like the quality of your cards. I think got print is better that Vistaprint!. Im in CA too, wish I was closer to you so that you can show me a few things.

  3. Great work! I actually was attracted to #1. I could easily read all of the information on the card and the colors just seem to pop. #3 is my next choice, but then I am partial to orange. Best of luck with this new adventure. Susan

  4. Professional and eye catching. Just as I would expect. I will use SpotUV Business Cards for ALL my business needs and I will continue to promote them....