Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Uchikake Kimono Inspired Soap - Cherry Blossom

I know it's a bit early but can you tell I want Spring to be here already?!  When you think of spring the first flower that blooms is probably plum blossom then closely followed by cherry blossom.  This year's cherry blossom soap is inspired by the uchikake kimono which is a formal kimono wore by a bride.  If you google uchikake kimono images you will see loads of jaw dropping photos.  Most of the uchikake kimono are made with contrasting colors of red, gold, black, and white and each can easily cost more than $10,000!
Alright, back to soap business, I wanted a more elegant subtle look instead of look at me bold statement all over.
I decided to make a majority white base with soft pink and black swirl in side then spice it up with bold shinny gold mica and hot pink soap bits.

Aren't these uchikake kimono pretty?!  I wish I have the money to own one, like an art piece!


  1. What a beautiful soap! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous Soap...I love those pink peaces on the top.

  3. Oh sorry, my english...

  4. Wow so beautiful! I like the soap more than the dress :)

  5. Beautiful! Always enjoy seeing your creations

  6. If this was posted on someone's bd do they get a piece? LOL

    This is a beauty to be sure and the kimono is absolutely breath taking also!
    Lovely lovely!