Sunday, June 1, 2014

How Exact Can I Recreating a Soap Design?!

Have you ever gotten into a situation where you accidentally (or not) created a soap that's surprisingly great and would love to recreate it again and again but just can't?!
I made this soap inspired by a color palette from Design Seeds:
I really like this vibrant happy summer color combination in a white soap base.  Unfortunately the yellow color faded to almost nothing within 2 days.  Here's my previous post about color fading: Disappointing Color Fading  
It looked like this 2 days later:
Now, I really, really want to recreate this!  Give my yellow back!  Without the yellow, the soap just doesn't look the same!  Without knowing exactly why the yellow faded so fast, either the colorant or the fragrance, I decided to use a different scent AND a different yellow, I am NOT doing this the 3rd time!

Four weeks later, all colors settled a little, not as neon but didn't fade!  Thank goodness there's not 3rd time!  The faded 1st batch still smells great and good soap but too bad the look is not up to part, it'll go to the unsellable pile for personal use or donation. 


  1. These are amazing! I know the irritation at making a killer bar of soap and then having trouble making it again. I had this Basil Sage and Mint soap that was tinted perfectly with parsley powder, but I haven't been able to replicate it again! It has never been as vibrant as it was that first time...
    Sometimes, I put the bummer soap into an "oops" basket at my farmer's market stall. If I can't use it up or rebatch it, it'll go in the basket. And, surprisingly, people nab that stuff up FAST!

  2. Seriously one of the cutest soaps I've seen! I want to try something like this with Melt and Pour soap!

  3. I have never made soap but this inspires me. Can you give me a step by step how to make these. They are awesome. I have 2 grand nieces who would love love love these.