Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cake Soap in a Roll

I don't make cake and cupcake soap as often, probably only by request or during holiday season when people are looking for one of a kind gifting ideas.  Cake or cupcake soap although looking very pretty and eye catching, they are somehow impractical to use as soap.  I love making cake soap only because it can inspire my inner most creativity. This past holiday season I decided to try some new pipping techniques.  Have you heard of scallop technique?  Check out this easy tutorial: Simple Scalloped Birthday Cake 
I didn't want to follow the traditional scallop pipping which usually is horizontal lay out, I decided to use if as drapery, vertically.
And to give the typical scallop pipping technique a twist, I used Wilton's open star pipping tip:
Then smear with a tiny spoon from center up to create that scallop edged dimple then embed a sugar pearl inside.
This second one is not as inventive, but surely as time consuming to make.  The overflow dripping "cream" is the hardest to create for me, I just don't seem to be able to time the right soap consistency.
This 3rd one is my own spontaneous try.  I was hoping to get a ribbon icicle or tassel look:
I used Wilton ribbon tip like this one:
My husband's favorite is when I pipe poppy flowers:
Maybe I will do a short video clip to show how I do them later so be on the watch out if you are interested!


  1. Lovely soapies. The poppy flowers are really cute!

  2. Love it! Such an amazing soaper!

  3. Your cake soap is stunning! The flowers are so pretty =)

  4. Your strawberries...EVERYONE'S strawberries drive me crazy! I might be able to find a mold but for the life of me, I can't find the right shade of red anywhere! Please tell me where you get the perfect strawberry color? And the strawberry mold. Love your ideas to death! You have really enhanced my bathroom and after 12 years of sitting in a drawer, my cake decoration tools are out and being used again! You rock!

    1. Thanks! I use red dye #7 and tiny maroon red mica. The mold is from flexible They carry lots of small embed molds.

  5. The poppy flowers are amazing!

  6. Love the poppy flowers!! Please do a video! Please! Please! Please!!!