Monday, November 16, 2015

Shooting Star

The actual time spent in making soap is pretty short, but that's not to say each batch doesn't take a long time to produce.  Why?!  Because I spend most of my time designing in my head.  This is a short story about the making of my Shooting Star soap. 
 It started with me thinking about my holiday season soap making.  I don't usually re-make soap from the past, if I can, I prefer reinventing the wheel.  Last year the same fragrance soap was made with rainbow colored soap bits embedded in t a white base.  The colors of rainbow always catch people's attention.  And the idea of rainbow led me to the image of shooting star.  The actually star is made ahead of time with transparent melt & pour soap base to embed into the soap log to look like a star on top of a ray of rainbow.
 Well, this is a perfect case of what I see in my head is totally not what happened in the reality...  See my diagram below:
Oh well, there's always the next time!


  1. Well, I'd say that this is close enough - soap making process is always like making art, you cannot be sure what you are gonna get. :) Your soap is as beautiful as always, so you can be happy with it!

  2. This soap is So pretty. Colors are beautiful.
    Lg Doreen

  3. These are so cool! I love that you added little stars to the tops of these bars. These turned out just perfectly. Beautiful! =)