Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Soaping Book and of course Soap Making

This is my first blog post of 2016!  I know it's already February, time flies...  I will be starting up my blog this year by talking about a new soaping book.
Brambleberry is one of the most reputable online soaping suppliers in the US.  I was recently invited by them to receive a copy of the founder/owner, Anne-Marie Faiola's (aka Soapqueen) new soaping book and make soap with one of their new soaping kits.  Her new book is called Pure Soapmaking, here's the link if you are interested: Pure Soap Making
I was given 3 kit choices to pick what I want to try.  I picked Aloe Vera swirl kit because it's the one with beautiful greens.  I love using colors!  What surprised me is the size of the package, didn't notice the whole kit is to make 5 lb soap log, including soap mold and a handy hanger swirl tool!

This new soaping book has lots of color photos and detailed step by step instructions.  With a wide range of recipe, additive, and soaping styles, I'm sure even the pickiest soap makers would find at least one they can't wait to try.

Pure Soap Making is all about making soap with natural ingredients.  In the book there's a section talking about all different colorants we use to color cold process soap.  The greens being used in this kit are oxides.  There are debates on whether or not oxides are considered natural.  Oxides used to be the mineral colorants mined from nature.  But those that mined from nature are heavy in body harmful metals.  Without filtering and refinement these oxides are not legal to use in cosmetics.  Because of the harm risk and extensive refinement process, nowadays oxides are man-made but identical to naturally mined.  Therefore a portion of soap makers consider oxides to be natural.  However, I disagree with this classification.  It's like saying man-made diamond is diamond.  Man-made diamond is identical to naturally mined diamond, in fact they are better than naturally mined diamond as they are literally flawless without a bit of inclusion.  So, would you consider man-made diamond real diamond?  I wouldn't think so.  When buying jewelry, sellers have to indicate whether the stone is naturally mined or the word "lab created" has to be indicated.

The book calls for swirly soap top but I'm never one who is known to follow instructions well.  I always have to put my own spin on soap.  I ended up peaking up the soap top with a spoon and sprinkle these tiny white soap balls I had rolled previously from left over soap.  I think it looks like heavy snow on evergreen forest.And don't forget to sprinkle some sparkling mica for an instant eye catching shin!Over all this new book is very well done.  It covers enough information for both beginner and more advanced soap makers.  I give it a thumb up!  Check out the kit and book deal from Brambleberry: Aloe Vera Hanger Swirl Soap Kit & Book


  1. Nice job. May I ask when you will show the cut soap. Love the Lily of the Valley look

    1. Hi Pam, it's already cut and shown on my Facebook page.

  2. I am new to soaping. I have been trying to color my soap using shimmering micas...and wondering why my soap just turns light brown. Now I get what to use the mica for...a shimmering top. Dah...oxides for cold process. Thank you.

    1. Micas can be used in cold process soap too, I use them all the time. There are different types of micas, some are resistant to high pH environment and some are not. Cold process soap making requires using sodium hydroxide, before the soap totally saponified it is very high in pH level. The micas you bought are not meant to survive the pH. You need to buy micas from reputable soap making suppliers and make sure it is tested to use in cold process soap.

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