Friday, November 4, 2011

Better than Dragon's Blood?!

Dragon's Blood has been very popular scent for toiletry and household fragrance.  Can anything be better than Dragon's Blood?!  Oh yes, I just found one!  Anyway, this is my 2nd attempt to make the peacock swirl.
If you haven't seen the newest swirl technique by Lovin' Soap, here's her original link:
I also watched a few youtube videos about marbling paper art with oil paint in water, very similar concept.  I made a quick cheap tool rake out of styrofoam and skewer sticks to do this swirl, you'll see it in my video.

Color scheme is inspired by this Design Seeds pallet:

And here's the video:


  1. Grand try Em. I think it is lovely and the colors are spectacular. Em the color queen!

    Your tool is very fun to see. HAHAHa good job. Can't wait to see #3, but #2 is fantabulous!

  2. Great technique! I love your tool idea - can't wait to see it cut!