Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Music for the Holiday

Well, just the instrument I mean!
It took me a long time trying to figure out how to make the mold and I think I still failed.  The silicone I have in hand is the brushable kind, great for catching fine details as you can see from my 3D soaps, but it's terrible at holding straight lines and angles.  I would consider ordering a different strength of silicone if this is to make into my permanent production, but for now I have a dead line to meet, this is for my nephews' holiday concert and they play violin!  This is just one of 10 color schemes (yes, really, TEN different color scheme and scents).  This project is consuming most of my time (well, plus holiday preparation), and it is why I have been pretty quiet lately on my blog.


  1. que originales y que hermosos,me encantan, saludos

  2. I don't have any idea what you are talking about with the straight lines and stuff. These look perfect!

  3. I am with Ann on this one. Perfect, lovely .... no wonder you have been so quiet.

  4. I've been looking all over for a violin style mold and this is the best I've seen. I would really be interested in buying one from you if you were to make another or don't want the one you've made. these soaps are really beautiful. Please send me a message if you're interested. I see this is an old post so I don't know if you still have it or not but really, it's a lovely soap.