Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eggnog Cheers!

How literal can I get?  Oh you will be surprised...
Introducing my holiday treat: Eggnog Soap
Made with REAL egg (organic), spiced rum, and fresh full fat cow milk!  Yum!
 I used heavy vanilla fragrance oil mixed with some amber and almond fragrance oil, cassia and cinnamon EO, oh so yummy!  The majority portion turned dark brown because of the vanilla content.  I poured out a portion before scenting and add a little titanium dioxide to whiten the color a little to get the contrast I wanted and it worked pretty well I must say!  I'm always fascinated to see how fast the soap turned color because of the heavy vanilla content.  This was how it looked like right after pour:
Fascinating isn't it?!



  1. It looks absolutely perfect! And delicious--I don't think I would be able to control myself; I would probably lick it

  2. A wonderfull soap! Congratulation! Greatings from Austria, Tascha!

  3. Oh my God that is utterly divine! I so want to take a huge bite out of it... that is a beauty and a half and I'd kill to have smell-o-vision right now!!! Beautiful work xx

  4. He probado a hacerlo con clara de huevo pero... con yema aún no lo he intentado. Verdaderamente además de bonito apetece morderlo.
    Un saludo

  5. It is so gorgeous, Emily!!! I can't stand it! All those fabulous ingredients too - will you save one for me? PLEASE???