Friday, December 9, 2011

Feel The Holiday Rush

I know I've been pretty quiet these few weeks with very limited blog posts.  I've been in this 'machine' mode, massive producing products left and right to fill the holiday rush demand.  It shouldn't be an excuse, but I'm feeling exhausted...  Massive production is what I hate.  As I mentioned in my blog before, I do not repeat my design, it is just not me.  But when it comes to the holiday rush, I have no choice but to force myself into acting like a 'machine' reproducing one after another.  Trust me, I'm not liking myself so much right now.  I kept on telling myself it will be over soon!  I only have one show to attend and a big quantity novelty soap order to fill, but I feel so beat up, started to wonder how everyone can do so many shows and wholesales?

Alright, enough venting, here are some soap I never officially show the photos:

Brown Sugar & Fig Coconut Milk Soap
Snow White (with the red poison apple)
First Peacock Swirl Trial


  1. I know the feeling... I'm making things left right and centre! So many body butters and scrubs... thank God I have enough soap and made a ton of lip butters previously. But oh my, I'm so ready for my Christmas holidays! The soaps look fabulous hon, really beautiful x

  2. It's a mad rush trying to keep up, isn't it? It will be over soon enough, though. They all look great; I love the peacock swirl tops!

  3. Snow white is divine, but all soaps are beautiful

  4. Happy Holidays and welcome to the RUSH crush! So soapers take holidays in January to recover from the hangover! LOL

    I think every one is so beautiful and the peacock swirl is beautiful even tho it didn't turn out how you wanted. Still Lovely!