Monday, January 23, 2012

Strugling With Frosting

Oh where do I begin...  I wrote up this post on Sunday night, tried to publish it on Monday morning only to found that it's a BLANK!  All that I wrote and photos are all gone, like they never existed!  But I swear I wrote it!  Not a good start on the first day of Dragon year... sigh.  Alright, I seriously don't remember what I wrote exactly, so I'm going to make this long story short.
My 8 year old nephew from New Jersey asked for chocolate cupcake soap with white frosting for his birthday which is coming up on February 3rd.  Normally I would do cold process soap and I've done it many times it's relatively easy for me.  But with the time constrain (min. 4 weeks to cure the soap) I was not able to soap cold process.  Oh boy I have not done M&P frosting and I heard it's very tricky if you don't get the timing right when you are piping.  After a couple failed experiments I proceeded to make cupcake soap!
  Don't they look real enough to eat?!  I'm so proud of myself.  Then the longer I starred at them the more my hands got itchy and wanted to add some more to them.  So I did...  I was going for that chocolate dipped strawberry look but I just didn't seem to be able to get the right consistency.  I like the simple version before I ruined them!  :((

Well, no time for a re do, so here they go, total 14 of these over drizzled berry chocolate cupcake soap, out the door across the country all the way to Jersey!  I hope Julius likes the drizzle!


  1. I love the drizzle! Seriously they look absolutely edible...mmmmmm <3

    1. Thanks Topcat! Personally I like the clean simple undrizzled better. But I already did it, no undo button, LOL.

  2. They look realy nice! You don't need a undo button ;0)

  3. These are sooooooo good, I still want to bite one!

  4. Love the whole thing! (especially the realistic strawberry and cute packaging!) Where do you get your labels done?

  5. I am so behind on reading your blog...these look absolutely fantastic!! The soaps, the packaging...all of it!! Your nephew is a lucky guy!!

  6. These are so cute! Love how they look - with and without the drizzle =)