Sunday, March 11, 2012

Soap for Spanish Soap Swap

I recently signed up for this international soap swap project hosted by Soap Artists.  Basically a number of Spanish soapers will one to one swap their creations with soapers outside of Spain.  By random pairing, my match is Teresa Corral Valero, unfortunately she is not into the online social media so I cannot post a link for you to check out.  Anyway, I made a batch of soap especially for her according to her description of personal preferences.  The fragrance I chose and the recipe I used gave me grief.  What's new?!  Nothing surprises me in my soaping anymore!  It is indeed Soap & Restless, is it not?  Ok, I'll show you my failed first try.  BUT first, let's see the good one!  This is a photo when it's just cut, for those of you who cannot watch the You Tube video (nicer photos will follow in future blog post when it's all nice and firm):

    And, here's the making video, it's under 9 minutes, I promise it's quick and painless!

And this is the first failed batch:
The 100% coconut milk and fragrance I used totally accelerated trace on me that back fired on my supposedly flowing flower swirl.  It looked more like a volcano explosion!  And these are the only 2 bars after cut that actually look decent... sigh.


  1. The "failed" soap is so pretty. What did you do with the rest of it? And the good try ? looks yummy, so yummy

    1. I'm going to keep the fail batch and use it as embeds in future soap project or simply just for own use.

  2. Love the coloring just right for spring. Your old new mold is great Em, that was such a nice raffle win! One day can you imagine filling all three of the chambers with different fragrance and colors!

  3. Fail, shmail. Looks pretty gorgeous to me!!

  4. I like it. Such a sunny colour!!Teresa will like it for sure.