Saturday, April 28, 2012

Transformation of Pineapple

The first concern that came into my mind when thinking about soaping with Pineapple juice is the enzyme level in this tropical fruit.  How is the enzyme and acidity going to effect my soap?
With ??? in my head I started my experiments.  I'm very please with what I got out of the fresh pineapple - ate some and juiced some for soap - but not without failure!  Trial #1 I used full amount of pineapple juice, straight up, and oh boy~  Let me hide that from you... cuz you will be speechless too... in a bad way.  Second time around, live and learn, I used half half method, meaning using half water to dissolve lye and half as pineapple juice.  To stay with the tropical theme, I scented this batch with Coconut Lime Verbena, oh so yummy~  I simply just renamed it Paradise!  The design on the other hand is more of my modern twist of layering.  If you are interested in getting a piece of Paradise, I just put them on sale on my Facebook Store: Online Store  Check my new store out!

What does pineapple contribute to the soap you ask.  Well, let me tell you one observation of mine, the second the scrap piece of soap hit the running water, it starts to bubble, it is so hard to hold down to the pill as I suspect the enzyme in pineapple makes everything so slippery!  Even more so than adding Tussah silk in soap!  I'm thinking, this can be formulated into facial soap for exfoliation!

What else can I do to mellow out the enzyme?  Present to you my #3, a combination of soy milk and pineapple juice.  This one totally accelerated trace on me, proceeded to plan B right the way (oh~ am I trained to soap plan B these days!), phew!  This batch has the best of the 2 worlds, creamy from the milk and enzyme sugar bubble booster from juice!  And did I mention this is totally vegan?!  I scented this batch with my own tropical cocktail that's similar to Piña Colada but unfortunately the coconut did not survive saponification.  It looks like Italian Gelato according to my hubby (why do men see everything in terms of food or sxx?!) but smell nothing like it.  And this is my Gelato Twist which I blogged about in my last post.


  1. Hermosos! tienen un diseño y una combinación de colores espléndida. Felicitaciones

  2. Its like the more I experiment , the more I experiment. So glad I am not the only one ! Love these soaps, especially the sideways layers.

  3. Wow!! That's exactly what came out of my mouth as I scrolled down and saw the last photo! When you said it moved fast, I never expected the inside to look so amazing! Great fun with the experiments - and I bet they smell amazing as well!

  4. I am so inspired by your soaps. I am new to soap making and adore everything you do. I love your You Tube videos too. I hope to purchase some of your soaps soon (although, I think my husband may have bought me some for Mother's least I hope so). :-)

  5. Your soap still turned out beautifully. I am going to attempt my first Pineapple Juice soap this weekend. :)