Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time for V8 Vitamin Boost!

This is another layered soap, with different soap though!
I could just buy V8 juice from any supermarket, soap it and be done with it, but then what's the fun of that?!  Besides, market V8 has other additives for taste, not necessary what I want in soap.  V8 soap sounds good doesn't it?  It gives people an upscale perception that your skin is getting a multivitamin boost by showering.  No one needs to know the truth of the story behind creating this soap, wink wink*  The truth is, I bought too much produce and some of them are on the urge of going bad...  So, throw the them all into soap, that's the best way to 'dissolve' the 'left over'!
Stage 1, I pureed cucumber in soy milk and strained the pulp then freeze into little ice cubes.  Used that to dissolve lye and made a small batch of cucumber soy milk soap.  The next day I pureed the left over carrot, strained the pulp, mixed with left over tomato paste then freeze into ice cubes too.  Stage 2, I pureed over rippened banana in low fat buttermilk (also left over from weekend brunch party) and made a small batch of soap to pour into the bottom of my regular mold.  I sliced up the cucumber soy milk soap and embedded into the banana buttermilk soap.  Stage 3, used the tomato carrot ice cubes to make final small batch of soap to cover the embeds and top it up.
The third day I ended up 3 distinct color layer soap, scented individually with complimentary EO.  Cucumber soy milk layer was scented with Petitgrain & Fir Needle.  Banana buttermilk layer was scented with Anise Star, Cedarwood, & Cinnamon.  and the final layer carrot tomato soap was scented with Sweet Orange, Lavender, Litsea Cubeba, & Patchouli.
 I poured the left over into small individual mold and they came out so yummy like dense moist pieces of carrot banana cake!


  1. Beautiful soap, but too many stages for me :)Love the idea using leftovers.

  2. Beautiful but I am allergic to tomato juice on my skin, wonder if saponification would make a difference.

  3. I love the 3 colour effect and the orange just pops. The scents sound great too.

  4. Wow, looks great, Emily!! I'm surprised at how light the cucumber soy soap turned out, but it makes a great contrast to the orange! :)

    1. The cucumber soy milk layer came out light because I forgot to set it in ice bath when I'm mixing in the lye... Basically I burned it... LOL If I used cucumber pulp I would have saved some green color but I strained all the pulp out already. Oh well, next time.

  5. Gorgeous! You have a lot of patience, my friend! I think I'd get as far as straining the cucumber puree and say, "Meh, forget it!"

  6. leftovers!! wish i had thought of that! =) i like the natural colours.