Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vegie Fruit Punch

Who says being healthy has to be boring?!  Not in soap!  My version of Vegie Fruit Punch, refreshing for the hot summer to come.  It is made with fresh cucumber spinach puree in soy milk (strained pulp out).  I had to freeze the 'milk' into ice cube first to avoid lye burn.  It was a nice bright lime green when fresh, but turned into moss green when mixed with lye.  I'm not sure if the green color would stay in soap so I added some neon green colorant to the bottom layer anyway.  This batch is scented with my concoction of fragrance oil that included notes of jasmine, tart guava, juicy pear, berries, and warm sweet fig, anchored with a little dark patchouli, can very well be my V8 type soap!  This soap is made specifically for Savonnerie Mika in honor of the Japanese Soap Swap she's hosting.  If you are interested in the whole story about this soap swap see this post from her: Join "International Soap Swap with Japanese soapers " !!
  To achieve the total opposite color top, it took me some titanium dioxide to lighten it up first before I could color it purple again.  I used more colorant than usual to make this happen, hopefully everyone will like their bubbles purple!  :-p


  1. So pretty! What did you use on the top? It looks great!

    1. Traci, The top is soap crumbs and mica colored sugar crystal.

  2. Very, very beautiful! gr. Marga

  3. Absolutely amazing! And I don't think a single person would mind if they had pretty purple bubbles. =)

  4. WOOOOOW!! this gorgeous soap comes in my house???? how lucky I am !! thank you Emily :)

    PS: my soaps for you have already headed to your house!!

  5. Your soaps are more beautiful with each batch! Perfection!

  6. Ooohh, your version or vegie fruit punch is not boring at all!! i like it so much!!!!!

  7. This one is a beauty and I love the colours and the layers. Sounds like it was a lot of work to make but worth your efforts.

  8. Oooo, I love this!!!! Gorgeous colours!