Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sip the Mojito, Would You?!

One of my Facebook followers suggested me to make a tropical related theme soap because she's craving for a relaxing beach vacation.  What do you think of when someone mentions tropical vacation?  I don't know about you but all kind of cocktail drinks start to look pretty good!  I proposed 2 ideas on my Facebook: Mojito or Mango Papaya?
Well, Mojito won obviously.  So here's the soap, scented with Mojito fragrance enhanced with Bergamot and Spearmint.



  1. You are so creative Emily!! And those ice cubes on top...WOW!!!

  2. I'm staring jaw-dropingly! Marvellous!

  3. It's the cocoa lines around the "rocks" that just set this soap apart! Stunning!

  4. You did a wonderful job and make me feel like I'm on vacation.

  5. Uuulalah!! Creativity goes again shinny. Both the blog pics and the soap. Love that ice-looking soap embedding, so so cool. Way to go girl.

  6. I was a blessed child. My father had a wonderful job and traveled all over the world. He often took my mother, but twice a year my sister and I would travel as well. Daddy was the Executive Vice President of an insurance company who set up travel rewards for their top sellers.

    By the time I was 16 I'd crossed the equator, been to Europe many times, seen many of the states and there were few Caribbean Islands my feet had not touched. He lost his job, and my mother died tragically, so the travel stopped, but not my appreciation for it.

    I go where I can now, cruises are a favorite of mine, no unpacking and repacking, and I take photos. Not of the pretty, but the mundane, the ugly, the scary, the gorgeous. I can walk through any country and I've never felt scared. Even in some very scary places. I've seen poverty and wealth and those experiences inform my soap creation.

    Still, more than other countries, I love the State of Michigan. I love the land forms, the changes in the looks of an area, the worn down and gorgeous Upper Peninsula (word down Mountains, not the people or homes), the sand on Lake Michigan, the arty vibe of Ann Arbor. All of those are packed into my soap, the colors I use, the products I make. Everything has a story of a place that informed me. Even if I only dream of visiting someday. Right now, I'm on an India kick. I want to go. See it all. I am very informed about the religions and how the faith informs the education, morals and norms of the people there. It is a true melting pot and I am just beginning to explore it.

  7. Emily, this is probably the coolest soap I have ever seen.