Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Soy Wax, Why Are You So Difficult?!

Can you believe it is holiday season now?!  I'm a bit stressed preparing for holiday shows.  I don't sell in markets, only selling online for the sake of it.  The only physical markets I do are the Christmas shows.  Preparing for markets is sure getting on every single nerve of mine!
Making candle is not my main focus, just something to provide for the holiday shoppers as another choice for gift giving.  It is consider just an embellishment to my bath and body products.  Last year I used Ecosoya Advanced wax, it is a soy wax blend, it is probably the most bullet proof base you can use to make beautiful candles.  It was, every single pour perfect and no fuss!  BUT, yes, big but, the hot throw is not to be desired...  For those of you who do not make candle, hot throw meaning the scenting power when a candle is on fire burning.

This year I decided to switch to a high soy wax content base, to be more precise, 98% of soy wax with 2 % botanical oil.  Higher soy wax content means lower melting point and greater fragrance throw.  I was very excited to test this wax out.  Fall and winter holidays are the perfect time for some romantic burning candles!  Well, my grand plan only will work if this soy wax would cooperate!  The frosting and pot hole by the wick issues are driving me bunkers!  After consulting with other candle makers, I'm forced to accept the nature of the beast... sigh.  Alright, so I embrace it since I can't fight against it, right?!
HOW?!  So frustrating...  Then I gave up for a month, didn't want to deal with it.  Until now I have some time to think about it again I decided to quickly cool down what I pour in the jar then top it off with soy wax icing.
What I mean by soy wax icing is by beating the warm wax with an electronic hand held whisk the same way as making whipped cream.  There, I think I found my solution, and it actually adds visual interest and texture!


  1. I haven't ventured into the world of candles, but I would have to say you seem to have found the perfect solution to your problems!! Best wishes to you at the holiday shows! I know you'll sell LOTS!!