Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seasonal Soap using Seasonal Ingredients

Additives in soap can be very seasonal.  Let's see what I got this year for fall and winter:
Ginger Apple
(used freshly juiced ginger root)

Can't skip pumpkin for fall!
Pumpkin Chai
(high % of unrefined virgin pumpkin seed oil)

And Oktoberfest beer soaps!
Ginger Lime
(Paulaner Oktoberfest beer imported from Germany)

and another one
Dark Star
(Weihenstephaner Oktoberfestbier imported from Germany)

So what's your seasonal creation?


  1. WOW Oktoberbeersoap from my country!
    Germans would love your soap!!! ;)
    Did you used only beer in the soap and no water for the lye?
    Greetings from Germany :)

    1. Yes, all beer, no water! These 2 are specially created for my upcoming German American international school holiday show. I hope these soap can comfort the immigrants a little during the cold holidays!

  2. As always, gorgeous soaps, Emily! I especially like the Oktoberfest bars. I've been playing with pumpkin and beer, too, this season. And I love your packaging - it's so cute and classy!

  3. I love your soaps!!!!!..I´m news in the soap making and still learning...for my firs soap I used green tea leaves as aditives...which later oxidated and left ill-looking brown spots (on top and in the soap)...could you tell me, from expirience, which other natural additives I should avoid?....Thanks a lot!!!

    1. All fruit and juices will turn brown. The only natural ingredient I can think of that's not changing color is probably carrot. It will stay nice golden yellow or orange. But natural colorants all fades in time.

  4. Oh my God !! All your soaps are so wonderful.
    I'm your fan, Emily.

  5. You always have the most colorful and gorgeous looking soaps!