Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blind Milk Soap Test Results

About 3 weeks ago I called for 8 milk soap blind testers and I sent them each a package containing 4 individually numbered and wrapped soap samples like the set in the photo above.  If you have not read the post yet, you might want to read it first: Calling for Milk Soap Blind Testers
3 out of 4 samples are very similar in color, only #2 is much lighter.  All testers had been given simple instructions to clean their hands with soap or detergent first before testing my soap just to be more accurate.  Then they were asked to answer a few questions from me:
1). Which on lathers the most?
2). Which one produces the creamiest lather?
3). Which one is the most moisturizing 5 minutes after wash?
4). Please take your guess on which soap is made with what milk.
Some testers just answer my exact questions.  Some actually took time and gave me comparison informations far beyond what I asked for!  Thanks a whole bunch!
Now a lot of information I received are disagreeing with each other, but I can clearly draw 2 conclusions:
1). Most of testers prefer coconut milk soap, it wins the overall performance category, yay!
2). Fresh goat milk soap is not more superior, it's a myth, just a label appeal because of the price and perception.  BUT, it does produce more big bubbles and suds more than other milk soap.
Ok, let's talk about breast milk.  In my opinion breast milk quality is hard to control, it really depends on the person's diet.  Apparently my donor is too skinny, her milk contains very little fat!  Haha.

Anyway, here are the correct answers!  Did you guess them right?!
#1 Goat milk (full fat)
#2 Coconut milk (70% concentration milk)
#3 Cow milk (full fat)
#4 Breast milk


  1. Excellent survey,Emily! Thanks for sharing! I wish we could read more about 'blind' testing, I'm afraid much more would turn out just label-desirable!

  2. Very interesting Emily! TY for thinking to test these.

  3. Thanks for letting me participate. It was am interesting experiment and all the soaps were AMAZING! We are still using them. The cow's milk was surprisingly lovely! It's also great to know what an amazing job the coconut milk does. Thanks again for all the knowledge and passion you bring to soap making.

  4. Very nice test. I do agree coconut milk soap is the loveliest soap! Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Now to test almond milk and soya milk!

  6. Thank you for sharing your results! This was interesting to me as well. I believe the fresh goat's milk can vary in fat levels depending on the time of year as well.

  7. Very interesting test! Thank you for sharing!