Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Second Trial Live Video Soap Session

Still not perfect, but huge improvement from 1st trial!
Thanks for all 5 volunteered participants for helping me take a step forward towards the determination of this exciting future "class" offering!  I can finally see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.  To read my 1st trial blog post click: First Trial Live Video Soap Session
I studied the mistakes I made from 1st trial and made a couple significant changes to this round:
  • Definitely set a specific color scheme per class (unlike the 1st time, inexperienced me let everyone chose their own color scheme).
  • Demonstration by me before letting all participants start
I got great feedback this round, everyone had a great time to the point we kept on chatting soap related subjects after class that we just couldn't stop!  Here are some soap photos from this soaping session:

My pre made Melon Spritzer Soap to show participants the color scheme:

This is soap by Nicole Sullivan from Lather & Love Bath & Body Creations
Nicole uses natural colorants only so her colors look different from the rest but shows you how natural colors can make eye catching design too.

This one is made by Barbara Wilde from Wildevines Soapery

Next one is made by Angie Cavaiuolo from Handmade Natural Beauty

Last but not least, soap made by Pamela Leis from By The Sea Soap

I think I will host a 3rd round of trial then I can be ready to offer it as a "class" for real!  Super excited!


  1. All soaps are so lovely and unique! It is nice to know that this soaping session as much better than the first one :)

  2. Wow, this becomes a real Dream Work Studio now!!

  3. The natural colors Nicole achieved are so outstanding! Yes The Soap Dream Works Studio! LOL

  4. Great job to everyone! I love seeing all the personalities and qualities of the soapers come out in their designs. =)

  5. Just had to get back here and say what a wonderful class this was. It was so interesting and informative to hear other peoples questions during the process. The questions spurs my mind and sets a new idea into motion for my next project. Whether the question was about the process, elements, color or fragrance behavior each planted new ideas! So refreshing and stimulating! I enjoyed your process so much and hope to do the next also!

    It is amazing that we were a group from the east and west coast, from the north and the south!

  6. I was about ready to give up on soaping as my last two batches were uninspiring in either scent or color. This has given me some good ideas and hope! Thanks for sharing this beautiful soap!