Monday, March 31, 2014

Natural Green - Spirulina

Spirulina is derived from freshwater algae, smells a little ocean-ish, like seaweed.  Using it to color cold process soap will give you a rustic more olive green color.  I was afraid that the fishy scent will effect the final smell of the soap, and since I'm using natural colorant I thought I might as well use essential oil to scent.  Have you heard of 4 thieves?  It's a blend consists of lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, and clove.  There are many variations, you can mix up to your taste.  I also added some grapefruit to sweetened it up a little.  4 thieves oil has a very interesting story if you want to read: Thieves Oil History  This blend is said to be highly antibacterial, antiviral and anti-infectious, should be great for soap!
The mold I used to make this soap is FREE.  It is the empty carton of coconut cream I use for cooking and soap making.
 It is a bit hard to unmold, I just teared it up piece by piece.  Can I call this recycling too?!
I hope this green won't turn brown!


  1. Beautiful soap! And that eo blend sounds interesting too, I don't have clove, but those others I have, so I must try it myself. I haven't used spirulina, but I used Chlorella (almost the same) as the colourant few weeks ago, and that gave bright light green at first and then turned little bit to brownish green - but not much.

  2. Your green should be fine! I use spirulina all the time. Unless you have vanilla somewhere in your fragrance the green should hold up like a champ! I love the design of this bar.

  3. That is a lovely green colour. Interesting to see how it changes with time, hopefully not much.

  4. Love the story of Thieves Oil....I might have to try this. Does it smell good?

    1. Personally I don't like the combination of all these strong medicine smell EO like Eucalyptus, clove and rosemary. When I put them together the first time I thought I was smelling old school sick potion or something, LOL But it grows on me. I actually used it a couple times on my lip canker sores and minor paper cuts. It stings but surprisingly helps a little. Now that I got used to it I decided to make it into soap. My husband actually likes it, it is more of a manly scent. There are many different recipes for thieves oil, some add lavender some don't. And like me, I add my own little something else to suit my own taste as long as you have the main 5 EO - lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, clove, and cinnamon.

  5. Yes, it is a beautiful soap! I am following your website for a long time..and I like it! Best regards! Iulia

  6. Oh Dear! What a wonderful soap - thank you very much for showing this terriffic beauty. I am going do order spirulina and I hope, the green Color will come out similar.

    Many greetings from Switzerland!


  7. I LOVE this soap. I just ordered Spirulina and I can only hope my soap comes out as beautiful as yours! Yours is MAGNIFICENT!